Signature Pittsburgh Moments In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

A number of key sequences for The Dark Knight Rises were filmed in Pittsburgh, and the city’s residents might be anticipating the movie’s July 20, 2012 opening more than the rest of the world. A recent trailer featured Hines Ward playing himself in an explosive football sequence.

Steelers fans won’t notice the CGI in this frame, because the Heinz Field turf usually looks much worse.

Act Classy received an advance screener of The Dark Knight Rises, and we’ve been sworn to secrecy about most of the film’s major plot points. We are excited to reveal, though, that Ward is just the tip of the black and gold iceberg when it comes to signature Pittsburgh moments in the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Now, there might be a football player named Hines Ward in the fictional world of Gotham City. Sure. I can suspend my disbelief that far. But some of these other scenes… I don’t know. They seem a little specific to Pittsburgh. What do you think?

Ben Roethlisberger Forces Himself on Alfred (Allegedly)

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has had his share of trouble off the field. He’s been accused of sexual assault by two different women. Why he or his publicist would think it makes sense for Ben to be featured in The Dark Knight Rises exposing himself to Alfred is beyond me.

“Oh bugger. Is he waggin’ his gobstopper at me Johnny Cooper again?”

Bane Only Removes His Mask to Eat a Pierogi

Not even a terrifying sociopath like Bane can resists a delicious Polish dumpling.

“I got half potato and cheese and half kraut! No, Bernie, I did not get prune.”

Mr. Rogers Takes Catwoman to a Trombone Factory

Through the magic of CGI, Christopher Nolan’s team has resurrected Mr. Rogers, who takes Catwoman on a tour of a trombone factory.

Incidentally, “Mr. Rogers is going to take Catwoman to the trombone factory” is also my favorite new euphemism.

“Get down from there! Get down!” {CLANG! CLANG!}

There are French Fries and Cole Slaw on Absolutely Everything in Gotham City

Pittsburghers love to put french fries and coleslaw on things. It’s a fact.

“How is this going to help?”

Batman is the Hero This Tailgate Needs AND Deserves Right Now

The City of Pittsburgh knows how to prepare for a big game. And no tailgate party is complete without some drunk a-hole in a goofy costume.

Suck it, Cleveland!

Blood Special Effects Sponsored by Heinz Ketchup

One of the biggest brands in Pittsburgh is also a major sponsor of The Dark Knight Rises, and the connection was obvious.

“Looks great, Kevin. Also, anyone else hungry? Let’s break for lunch.”

Bruce Wayne’s Parents are Discovered to be Alive, Thanks to the World Class Healthcare at UPMC

In a shocking twist, Bruce Wayne learns that his parents are alive and well thanks to the incredible care they received at UPMC. Great news for Bruce, but who knows what this newfound joy will do to Batman. He thrives on misery.

In unrelated news, Act Classy is seeking sponsorship deals… (ahem)… UPMC, we’re looking at you.

“God, you guys. No one does thumbs up anymore. You’re embarrassing me!”

Spoiler Alert: Bane, the Pirate Parrot and the Eat’n’Park Smiley Cookie Ride the Thunderbolt while Waving Terrible Towels, Drinking Turner’s Iced Tea and Screaming “N’at”

I love Pittsburgh. I really do. But even I have to question Nolan’s choice with this scene.

I really think Nolan might be alienating some audience members with this scene.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, what are you hoping to see in The Dark Knight Rises? If you aren’t from Pittsburgh, how do you feel about the Hines Ward moment? Was it too much, or is it just a nice nod from Nolan to the city?

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