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Published on May 10th, 2012 | by Brad Stephenson


Election Candidate Frances Jackson is a Photoshop Nightmare

Frances Jackson is running for City Council in Huntington, WV. But her Photoshopped election profile photo is running for Supreme Chancellor of Making Me Never Sleep Again.

Here is the real Frances Jackson:

Frances Jackson

Scary and like something from an experimental Jim Henson movie, sure. The most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen? No. Her election profile photo is, though. Take a look:

Frances Jackson Election Profile

This is a real election profile listing. Either: A) Frances has had a little work done, B) she’s a famous painting in the Louvre, or C) she’s a catcher’s mitt with hair.

You can visit Frances Jackson’s full election profile from the herald-dispatch.com. IF YOU DARE!!! Sleep tight.

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